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Its Christmas 2015 and we finally make the decision to take the plunge and add another member to our family. Losing a dog is always difficult and its normal for there to be a gap and wait before you commit to restarting the whole journey again. It took us nearly 2 years and after much discussion and planning we found the ideal Pup that fitted our needs and wants. We picked up our little scamp in February 2016 and the process of house training and schooling began.

Meet Bono

Dog freindly accommodation

Bono @ 10 weeks

Bono is a Labrador & Appenzeller mix. After a couple of weeks in Cologne we made the journey down to Cornillon for the first time just before the Easter. He was incredibly well behaved and we took plenty of breaks and stops to ensure he could relieve himself and have a walkabout. Once we arrived he settled down very quickly and after a few days he had become very happy in his new kingdom. I say kingdom because where we live and the surrounding area is a paradise for dogs. Our garden is large and fenced so he has plenty of space & areas he can explore. We can let him out without having to worry if he will run off since everything is fenced and escape proof.

What does animal & Dog friendly accommodation mean?

dog friendly gites

Walk in the wine fields

We are a animal friendly business and love being able to offer animal owners the joy & pleasure of bringing their loved ones with them. Our dedicated page explaining what animal friendly means HERE. We are surrounded by Wine fields and are located in the famous “Cotes du Rhone” wine growing region in the South of France. This means we have miles and miles of fields that we can walk and are easily accesible for humans aswell as dogs. Criss-crossing these fields allows you to walk to nearby vaillages without having to cross a road or see any traffic. The Google map below will give you a good idea about our location and the surrounding area.

What will the holiday be like??

I often get asked about what the area has to offer and what kind of activities can be done. The simple and short answer is LOTS. We have tried to condense all this info on our dedicated pages… Goudargues HERE, Cornillon HERE, Restaurants & Wine HERE, Activities HERE, Outdoor Sports HERE and Art & Culture HERE. We love to pass on our own personal knowledge so if you have any specific questions, please send us an email. Most of these activities can be done with your dog by your side. The Ceze river is only 1km down the road and is a great place to go swimming with your dog. Below is a short video from this Summer that will give you an idea of the swimming spots you can go to with your dog.

If you have any specific questions you can always reach us via email or telephone. To check availability or to book click HERE. Don’t forget to Like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you all soon! 🙂