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Kathleen Stavert Yoga

Kathleen Stavert is a Yoga teacher and actress originally from Québec, Canada. She has lived and worked all over the world and is currently calling Montréal her home. For further info about her you can check out her Facebook page HERE.

Scrolling through the internet and your social media accounts you probably have at some point stumbled upon a Buzzfeed or Mind Body Green list of 10 things happy people do everyday or Top 5 daily routines to happiness or something of the sort.  Surely one of these routines was exercise, or a daily habit of moving the body, whether it be through running, swimming, walking, yoga.  The truth of the matter is that happiness exists, yes, and we can work our way to a state of happiness and contentment but it is impossible to feel happy all the freakin’ time and when we aren’t happy we feel like a failure, or that we haven’t done enough to make ourselves happy.  Where have we gone wrong? We ask ourselves.  Well what about rejigging that list a little and calling it The List of things I can do to be PRESENT (wherein happiness may be a result).  So in the search for more presence and
connection to the moment, the right now, yes exercise, moving your body, yoga (!!) can top that list. One of the best ways to instill this practice is to do it in the morning in a space that feels comfortable and conducive to present moment awareness.  The mind and body are not yet corrupted by daily information, experiences and interactions.  Besides shedding the cobwebs of slumber, getting your circulation going and helping you wake up in a gentle way, a morning yoga practice improves focus, regulates your breath which leads to a calmer more balanced nervous system helping you move through the rest of your day with ease and probably a greater sense of happiness.

Our morning yoga practice at Maison Broche yoga retreat provides you with the space to reconnect.  I will guide you through an energizing yoga practice where the challenging poses and sequences will be welcome and not a chore.  The sequence will be a slow and steady build-up to a peak pose relating to a theme for that day.  Sometimes we may move faster than other days and some days we will take it slow so you have a chance to really experience the pose and the flow… and don’t worry we will have plenty of time for a nice long svasana.  You will come out feeling more spacious and light and perhaps even sustain a feeling of happiness all the way into our restorative evening practice.

The important thing to note is that after our revitalizing morning practice there will be an abundance of coffee, tea and freshly prepared food waiting for you just downstairs.

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