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Cornillon is a short drive or leisurely walk from Maison Broche et Clos Neuf. Nestled on cliffs overlooking Goudargues, St.Gely & the “Vallee de la Ceze”, Cornillon offers beautiful views of the valley below. The town is rich in medieval history dating back to the 14th century. Cornillon is a classic example of a typical and picturesque Southern French village.

Cornillon - Vallee de la Ceze

Cornillon. Photo taken from Goudargues

For over a century, Cornillon’s castle has belonged to the “Sibert” family. Partially in ruins, it was converted into a theater and opened to the public. The iconic narrow streets and stone-houses offer a fascinating glimpse into the historic architecture and way of life.


Windy streets of Cornillon

Cornillon offers breathtaking views of the area’s vineyards, Goudargues and the “Vallee de la Ceze”. Their is a large viewing platform that makes a perfect place to enjoy a picnic or watch the sunset. You can also sit back and relax in one of the village’s cafes or restaurants with a nice apertif, glass of wine or maybe even a crepe! The windy streets are a perfect location for a walk all year round. During the hot summer months the narrow streets allow you to take leisurely strolls in the shade.


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