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Simon Krieger - Maison Broche et Clos Neuf

Simon Krieger & Bono

Simon Krieger is the owner & manager at Maison Broche et Clos Neuf. He is also the co-owner and manager at The Lavender Lads, a company that supports and sells the Lavender products produced locally in the Vallee de la Ceze. You can follow his Instagram Here & Facebook Here.

Holidays are important. The pace of life is always increasing, work is always there in the backround due to the developments in technology & it is vital that everyone has the chance to take a breather, de-compress & be able to enjoy some time off work. I have been running Maison Broche et Clos Neuf for nearly 3 years and I finally feel like I have found my style as a “host” and holiday organiser.

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Maison Broche et Clos Neuf

Over the course of any given year we have hundreds of guests who come and stay with us. They range from infants just starting out in life to golden oldies who have seen & experienced plenty during their lifetimes. Time off away from work & the normal routine is precious – we are afforded only a few days a year where we can get away from it all and go explore areas that we want. These experiences can shape our childhood, broaden our horizons as adults or be subject of family discussions for years to come. They can mould friendships & solidify relationships…… Our memories & experiences during these times can help us get through tough times, generate laughs during family meals & be the subject of “remember when” conversations with friends & families.

My role in this whole situation is as host & facilitator. Everyone has a different idea of the perfect holiday. Some guests like to lounge around the pool all day, while others will be on the road at dawn racing from one museum or culutural event to the other. Its my role to access what the guest wants and to tailor my service or advice accordingly. This may sound easy on the surface but its actually not straight-forward and more nuanced. Most guests don’t know everything our area has to offer. They will not have tried all activities you can do and its upto me to explain and discuss what they can do during their stay. Sometimes a gentle nudge is needed when they are unsure about a particular activity that they would possibly enjoy… This skill & ability to judge guests expectations can only be learnt by having hundreds of these conversations, by actively trying to get them to explore and do certain activities they normally wouldn’t do or just by leaving them alone.

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Yoga at Maison Broche et Clos Neuf

I love what I do. During the season I live on-site and see all my guests daily. That is one of the aspects I like most about the job. Im a people-person, I like having chats, meeting new guests or welcoming repeat guests back. I like having an “Apertif” with my guests and chatting about anything that comes up. I love bringing the kids out with me for my walks with Bono, letting them play with him and going for swims. I invest my time in talking and socialising with my guests, I am there on arrival, explaining everything and there when they leave to go home or their next destination. I care about the quality of their stay and want them to have the best holiday possible and I feel that the only way I can do that is by being there or closeby and willing to help out anyway I can.

To summarise, holidays are not just about the accommodation or the area. They are about the reception you receive when you arrive, the advice your are given and the contact you have during your stay. This is my philosophy, the Maison Broche et Clos Neuf style of holiday home rentals & group activities. We offer a friendly face, time for a chat & laughs in the evening….. Over 50% of our bookings come from repeat guests, so we must be doing something right. I look forward to seeing all your friendly smiling faces!