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Outdoor Sports & Adventures

The “Vallee de la Ceze” hosts a plethora of activities outside of it’s traditional wine culture. The beautiful landscapes offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures. Here are some of the region’s favorites. If there isn’t something on this list you are looking for, we are happy to help you arrange your favorite activity!

Mountain Biking & Cycling

The Languedoc garrigue and hills is a playground for two wheels. Whether you are a traditional cyclist or prefer to fly off the tarmac, the valley is the perfect backdrop for your sporting. Cyclists can be seen every weekend zooming through the hills and the forest trails make great mountain biking fun.

For sightseeing you can rent electric bikes from Les Green Bikes Goudargues or regular bikes from Velos de la Ceze. Guests enjoy having bikes to pedal around around town.


The local rivers Ceze and Ardeche are great places to cool off from the summer sun. Whether you like to enjoy canoeing, swimming or fishing, you can find all of them along the riverbanks. The fresh waters are easily accessible and waiting to be explored!


St. Andre de Roquepertuis

La Roque sur Ceze – http://www.laroquesurceze-gard.fr/

Here is a short video I made from numerous Swimming sessions I had with freinds at the Cascades du Sautadet, which are located beside La Roque sur Ceze.

Wild Swim suggested locations – Cascade du Sautadet, Montclus, and Pont d’Arc


Abaca Canoe Ardeche – http://www.abacacanoe.com/

Ardeche Aventure – http://www.ardeche-aventure-canoe.com/

Ceze Canoe – http://www.ceze-canoe.com/

Goudargues Ceze Canoe – http://www.goud-canoe.fr/

Other Adventures & Adrenaline Junkies

Horseback riding provides a romantic or fun family excursion through the scenic countryside. We recommend La Ballade du Val de Ceze for a day of fun. Check out the video below I made while out for a ride with a group in April 2016.

And for our more daring guests, you can either swing from the skies or battle it out on the ground. Accroche Toi aux Branches offers zip-lining, climbing and outdoor ropes courses. Another teenage friendly activity is a day of paint-balling in a nearby town. Combine a day of sightseeing with Paintball Barjac!

The Ardeche and Chassezac river are offer a wealth extreme Watersports that includes Canyoning, Canoeing, Caving & Rock Climbing. I highly reccommend Face-Sud for their excellent multi-lingual guides & organisation. Their tours and packages can be customised to suit everyones needs and level. I have brought many guests and groups to them and their service is excellent. Below is a video of 2 Canyoning tour I did in 2015 – La Borne Integrale & Chassezac Integrale.


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