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Hiking in the Vallee de la Ceze & beyond

The perfect mixture of hiking and the “good life”. Discover North Provence & the Gard provencal by foot.

The South of France is one of Europe’s finest places for hiking. The area boasts a wide variety of well marked trails that are designed for optimum hiking adventures. There are also many regional festivals that celebrate the local hiking culture. Below is a list of our top hikes and events happening every year!

There are several different kinds of trails in France. The national trails or “sentiers de grande randonnee” (GR trails) are long distance and act as the hiking interstate system of France. These trails are marked with a red and white blaze. Another major type of trail is the “sentier de grande randonnee de pays” (regional long distance path or GRP). These trails are blazed in yellow and red and often intersect with the GR trails.

The “Vallee de la Ceze” also has local trails are called “les sentiers de petite randonnee et de promenade” (PR trails). These are shorter trails and make great day walks. These trails are usually indicated by a yellow mark, but sometimes you will see other colors if there are multiple PR trails in an area.

For more information or recommendations for hiking, be sure to ask one of our staff members!

Our favorite hikes:

Montclus & Ceze

10 Kilometer hike

Route 1,922,503 – powered by www.wandermap.net


Cornillon North

5 Kilometer hike

Route 926,903 – powered by www.wandermap.net


St.Andre de Roquepertuis bridge – Ceze Valley

7 kilometer hike

Route 470,857 – powered by www.wandermap.net


Hiking Festivals

Hiking in the region is an integral part of life here, there are several key events that cater to exactly outdoor adventuring. Schedule your holiday around one of these festivals and you will be sure to find fellow outdoorsmen blazing the trails alongside you!

The Cévennes Hiking Festival- (Le Festival de la randonnée en Cévennes)

This festival is scheduled twice a year to coordinate with the long weekends surrounding Ascension Day and the All-Saints’ holidays . The event allows hundreds of hikers to discover the most intimate parts of the Cévennes. The best part is you will have the opportunity to be immersed in local life! Find out more about local history and trade straight from those who know it best. The hikes are also prepared and supervised by experts who know the area and its background well.

FIRA: +33 (0)4 66 85 17 94 – le.fira@wanadoo.fr – www.randocevennes.com

Avril en Balade- (April Stroll)

Every year during the spring holidays, the Pays Uzège-Pont du Gard tourist centre offer a comprehensive programme of hikes or simple walks. Over eighty suggestions are ready to be discovered and designed for you to uncover the treasures of this region. There is something to suit all tastes: heritage, culture, adventure and nature… It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike!

OT du Pont du Gard : +33 (0)4 66 37 22 34 – info@ot-pontdugard.com

OT d’Uzès : +33 (0)4 66 22 68 88 – otuzes@wanadoo.fr

Scrubland Festival- (Garrigue en Fête)

Easter weekend is a wonderful time to be in the “Vallee de la Ceze”. The Pont du Gard invites all for a celebration focused on nature and culture.  The tourism office offers unique events and guided hikes each year. You can find a traditional farm picnic, a producers market, educational farms and more! Three festive days of fun for you and your family!


Nature Escapades

The Gard region spans from the Massif Central, to the garrigue and all the way down to the Mediterranean. It offers a varied range of landscapes with a large number of rare and protected species. It’s an ecologically wealthy region!

In order to share and preserve this natural beauty, the Gard Departmental Council offers more than 100 free escapades from April to September. All hikes are guided by environment professionals and designed for all types of public. You can choose from short to long, day or evening and make your experience worthwhile.

More information / Tel : 0033 (0)4 66 76 79 38.



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