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Activities & Things To Do

Traditional villages

Idealistic small French villages can be found all through out the South of France. Goudargues, the closest to our holiday homes, has evolved into a social hub for the “Vallee de la Ceze”. For our in-depth review, click here. Another close by village and one of our favorites is the picturesque Cornillon. Click here to learn about the history and it’s scenic view. Both Goudargues and Cornillon are within walking distance but there are countless more villages and town for you to explore.

Goudargues – http://www.goudargues.fr/

Uzes – http://uk.uzes-tourisme.com/

Cornillon – http://cornillon.fr/

Chusclan – http://chusclan.fr/


Olives Goudargues market

The local markets are truly a unique experience and a great way to immerse yourself in the area’s villages. The markets are true showcase of local craftsmanship and allow you to dive into local life. Wine, cheese, olives and more are waiting to be discovered in the longstanding tradition.

Here is a listing of our local markets:

Wednesdays – Goudargues & Bagnol sur Ceze

Fridays – Barjac

Saturdays – Uzes & Pont St Esprit

World famous grottos & caves

Chauvet CaveThe Chauvet Cave (Grotte Chauvet Pont d’Arc) is one of the most famous prehistoric art sites in the world. It was discovered in 1994 when a small team of cavers happened upon it. It is an important example of Paleolithic cave drawings. This is a must-see and something we highly recommend when you visit. Let us know if you are interested and we can help book your tickets. They can sell out in advance.


There are also many wonderful grottos to explore. The area has many of these unique landscapes and they are a sight to see! Check out the different grottos in our area:

Grotte de la Cocaliere – http://www.grotte-cocaliere.com/

Grotte De La Forestiere – http://www.avengrottelaforestiere.com/

La Grotte de St Marcel d’Aredeche – http://www.grotte-ardeche.com/

Grotte de la Salamandre – http://www.grottedelasalamandre.com/



The Camargue are flat marshlands on Languedoc’s border with Provence. It is famous for its pink flamingoes, rare birds, wild horses and bulls. There are many horse riding centres in the area and a nearby beautiful beach, Espiguette.

Aven d’Orgnac – http://www.orgnac.com/

Pont du Gard – http://www.pontdugard.fr/

City Visits

Three major Southern French cities are within a short car ride of Maison Broche. If you are looking to expand your horizon’s in the region, they make for a great day trip.

Avignon – http://www.avignon.fr/

Nimes – http://www.nimes.fr/

Carcassone – http://www.carcassonne.org/


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