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Welcome to our site! Our family owned holiday homes business has been providing holiday homes in France for over ten years. We pride ourselves in offering a unique lens to holidaying in the “Vallee de la Ceze”. Our family fell in love with the region 20 years ago when we first started taking holidays here. Our business was founded on sharing that love with all of our guests.

Hi I’m Simon, the manager and owner of Maison Broche et Clos Neuf. The holiday home rentals was originally started by my parents, Monika and Hubert Krieger. Last year I took over the business and have been working hard to increase the interaction and experiences of my guests. I was born in Germany but lived in Ireland for 25 years. My multi-cultural background opened me up to enjoying and exploring many ways of life. I love learning about foreign cultures from the people who stay with us. Every year, we have guests come from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and all around the globe! My favorite part of the job is welcoming back those guests who return year after year.

Although I took over Maison Broche, my parents still frequent the property, splitting their retired life between Cornillon and Cologne. They are avid hikers and always make sure to hit the trails while they are in town. My brother and sister, Julian and Lisa, often come down to visit. They give me a helping hand while enjoying the beautiful region. Lisa never seems to get enough of the gorgeous weather; she’s often lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun!

As for me, I split my time between France and Germany. Either myself or my parents are around to offer advice on what to do or help with anything guests need. I spend a lot of time working with locals and have started a side business of exporting the region’s world class lavender products. The Southern French culture and lifestyle has become a mainstay of my life!



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